Growing up with a grandfather as a Chiropractor, Anne discovered a connection with natural care at a young age. In 2003 she found her 'natural' path graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University in a wide variety of massage modalities. At that time, Anne depended her yoga practice to keep up with the physical demands. She is now yoga certificated and enjoys recommending tailored stretches/poses to clients.

In 2005 Anne had the opportunity to mesh her massage practice alongside a notable Esthetician. She soon grew inspired in the science behind skin health and pursed her own esthetic training at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. Anne continues to stay current in the Wellness industry through local, Domestic and International training events.

Finally, Anne would like to thank all her "long-timers" who have stuck with her throughout the years.  They are the reason Holistic Kneads was created and for that, she is truly grateful.


Jill's passion for health and wellness is the thread that weaves through her massage practice. Her approach is to help and educate each client sustain wellbeing through integrated bodywork. She graduated from Sister Rosalind's School of Professional Massage in 1998, as well as graduating from Illinois State University with a BS in Consumer Economics and Merchandising. Her mission is to provide integrated therapy sessions personalized to meet your needs.

Jill is trained in:
  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage 
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Thai Bodywork
  • Myofacial Release
  • Digestive Massage

With each session you will experience soft tissue release, structural realignment,  joint mobility, and deep relaxation. 


3609 Bryant Ave South,
Minneapolis, MN, 55409


We are open by appointment only.


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